Rock Climbing Chiang Mai

Rock climb in Northern Thailand’s scenic beauty, relax in hot springs, visit holy caves, taste local cuisine and spend unforgettable times with us.

Climbing is about more than getting up on a cliff and checking out the great view (although that is nice). Climbing is about challenging yourself at whatever level you choose. We offers a variety of courses that not only take you out for a day or two of climbing but teach you about how to become a rock climber. We will present you with opportunities for personal challenge.




"I'd like to take a course, but I've never tried climbing before!", we hear this a lot. The good news is, we have just the course for you! Our introduction to Rock Climbing course is designed to be a fun day out on the rock where you will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing and rappelling (abseiling).

Climbing is our favorite thing in the world, and Chiang Mai is our favorite place to do it! Take a course with us and let us show you why.




:: Schedule ::

The morning portion of the course will be spent introducing you to the basics of top-rope climbing. Top-rope climbing (or top-roping) is the easiest, simplest, and safest way to climb. During this course, we won't just take you climbing: we will introduce you to the mechanics of the top-rope system, teach you how to belay, and help you develop the fundamentals you need to be a responsible and knowledgeable climber. You'll get lots of time climbing, and our instructors will coach you on technique and help you have a successful and fun day on the rock!

In the afternoon, you will get a chance to learn the basics of rappelling (abseiling). Applying your new skills of top-roping and belaying, you will help build a rappel and then step out over the edge and lower yourself to the ground. Finish the day with an exhilarating rappel into the mouth of a massive cave.  Rappelling is a distinct activity from climbing, and this course will ensure that you are introduced to rappelling in a safe way so that you can learn best practices and good habits that will keep you safe on future rappels. Plus, rappelling is a lot of fun, and there is no better place to rappel than in beautiful northern Thailand!

:: Tour Include :: 

Instruction, transportation send and take back to hotel, equipments, lunch, snacks, fruit, water, and insurance.

Do bring: Sports shoes and comfortable clothing.

:: Price :: 

4,000 Baht per person

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