Khantoke Dinner Show

Khum KhanToke, a restaurant in an elegant traditional northern Thai house. The Perfection of Its Class Assure you a very special memorable evening.
Dine on authentic Northern Thai food, sample local delicacies and enjoy the atmosphere of out Lanna Khontoke.
You'll be entertained by a cultural show celebrating the dancing style from every part of the country.
including a Candle dance, Faun Tee, Sword dance, Hilltribe dance, Drum dance, Seung kapo, Traditional ramwong, and khon (elegant, stylized Thai drama).
All buffet dishes at Khum Khan Toke restaurant.


:: Buffet Meals ::
Chiang Mai Style Banana Fritter
Clear Vegetable Soup
Sticky Rice or Steamed rice
Deep Fried Chicken
Fresh Fruit in Season
Crispy Pork Skin
Stir – Fried Mixed Vegetables
Crispy Rice Noodle
Pork Curry with Ginger and Tamarind Chiang Mai Style
Grilled Young Chili Paste with Steamed vegetables - Minced pork and Tomato Sauce
Coffee or Tea
:: Schedule ::
18.45 - 19.00 - Pick you at the hotel. 
19.15 - Arrive Khum Kan Toke.
19.15 - 21.00 - Enjoy delicious Northern Thai food while see great cultural shows.
21.00 - Take you back to hotel.
:: Price ::
800 Baht per person.
:: Price Includes ::
- Transportation round trips
- Buffet meals and shows